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Battery Systems for Off Grid Energy or Grid connected battery storage.

Off Grid Power or Grid Connect Home Battery Storage Systems

We design and custom build beautiful off grid power or grid connected units specific to you and your needs.


If it is LITHIUM battery storage units or more traditional battery systems we offer the full range.


Rural or Semi Rural options available and in stock.


Grid Connected solar and battery systems with standard expandable options quoted same day.


Small weekender battery storage systems designed and supplied to suit.


Our Home Battery Storage Systems are very compact and safe, lithium batteries will charge and discharge very quickly allowing for higher energy yields


Putting a battery system in the home, cabin or shed is simple enough, the units provided are fully enclosed, vermin proof, child safe, lockable and importantly expandable, as your needs grow so can our battery storage systems.






Regional Shire Councils are installing off grid power systems in place of connecting to the grid. The site is reasonably close to grid supply, but given the cost of putting in place electrical infrastructure it was decided to invest in renewable energy, not only doing the right thing by the environment but saving considerable money when it came to the energy account.

The cost of installing electricity to the site was approx 10% less initial cost than being off grid totally. Off grid solar system with battery storage has the added advantage being able to operate in an emergency in the event there was no grid supply; the system will continue to function.

Off Grid Power Solutions will supply 5Kw of Solar Power, 21kwh of battery storage with full generator back up.



Grid Connected or Off Grid Solutions

ENERGEX has advised that energy storage systems can now be independent of the grid, battery storage will become the norm as energy rates increase and new forms of billing take effect.

The retailers will drive battery storage systems to the front of new and old home design with the lithium battery storage systems now compact enough to fit in less space than a fridge, enabling new homes to have off grid power systems installed in the home or outdoors.


If you already have an existing solar system you can reduce your energy bills even further by adding a battery storage system.

If you have an existing solar system we have battery storage units ready to connect directly to your existing solar panels.

If you want to be off grid power and don’t have an existing solar power Brisbane or solar power system cairns, Townsville, solar system Beaudesert or any regional town we can fit and supply battery storage systems and solar systems designed to meet your needs and demand.

Time of use solar systems are now very important, energy retailers are now switching to time of use between 3Pm and 9.30 Pm each day increasing energy costs buy as much as $0.51Kwh nearly double current rates, our off the grid power systems can remove this added cost 100%


Off Grid Power works alongside Solar Power Brisbane specialists Energy Wise Group.



NEWS - New Energy rates anounced.

ERGON is now charging for time of use which means that anyone on a residential account will be charged $0.51 Cents per Kwh nearly double the previous $0.28Kw, these charges will apply through different periods of the year with rates changing marginally seasonally.

Time of use metering will be at its worse in summer when the highest rates will apply, power consumed between 3Pm and 9.30Pm each day will be charged at $0.51Kwh.

New off grid power can be set to operate between these times removing the impact directly from an energy bill.


Energex has also indicated it will shift to this billing in 2016 and it will apply to all residential consumers.

Off Grid Power can install a battery ready solar system so when new rates come into effect a battery storage system can be fitted directly.


Solar Power Brisbane will be the next region to have increased energy costs.


Battery Storage will become normal as standard in new homes with energy retailers looking to increase revenue by adding costs to service charges and meter reading fees.

Off Grid Solar Systems are now the affordable option go to off grid power and avoid added costs.


Commercial Scale installations, local supply and export ready.

Off Grid Power Solutions has been chosen to supply Off Grid Power to recycling stations

More and ever increasing energy generation costs make battery storage systems more viable. We have the solution for all commercial battery storage or off grid solar systems. We will work with you to get the best commercial options, traditional battery storage, lithium, or Vanadium.

Commercial off grid power solutions are scalable to suit all applications from energy generation to supporting remote sites UPS or peak demand reduction options.

All systems are designed specifically to meet expectations and limitations. Custom made housings or battery banks are built to suit existing sites and infrastructure.

Using REDFLOW batteries, Lithium or more traditional solutions we can design these systems for all commercial applications including radio communications, military and large scale commercial sites.

Our designed shipping systems are ready for rapid deployments to communication sites, military bases or emergency hospital support or regions hit by natural disasters.


Communication tower power supply

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